Thursday, 7 April 2016

Darlin'...peel off that underwear.

I want to kiss you everywhere,
in the garden, on the beach
in those places no one else could reach
in the kitchen, on the stairs
in singles, dozens and in pairs
in the bedroom, in the shower
in Budapest and on the Eiffel tower
on the sofa, at the movies
wanna kiss you every place that's groovy
on your eyelids, on your lips
kiss you in slathers and in sips
on your cheek and on your neck
should i continue? oh, what the heck
on your shoulders, and your breasts
please put my pucker to the test
on your tummy and your back
making up for every kiss you lack
on your ankles and your feet
kissing every place that's sweet
up your calves and up your thighs
headed for that warm surprise
darlin' ..peel off that underwear
Let me kiss you....everywhere.
Babes you there?

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