Thursday, 6 April 2017

Words the heart can't express.

I come when pain
Becomes too much to take.
I come when you're sad,
Or your heart starts to break.
I might come when you panic,
I might come when you're mad.
I'll show up here and there,
When enough is what you've had.
I'm salty and warm,
I might be big or small.
Sometimes when you're strong,
I don't come up at all.
I fill your eyes with moisture,
I roll down your cheek.
Sometimes I mean joy
Sometimes I mean weak. 
Sometimes when you're scared,
I come as a sign of fear.
You can feel when I'm coming,
Whether far or near.
I may come along
When you hear your favorite song.
Sometimes I show up
When you've been strong for way too long. 
I know you want to run away.
I know inside you're a mess.
You long for a brighter day. 
You want to be happy without any stress.
Tears are words the heart can't express.
But When can i rest ?
Is this? at what i am best !!
Being depressed..

Monday, 9 January 2017


Today I was discussing this topic with a friend and I'm finally starting to understand the true concept of privacy and I've come to the conclusion that I need to be more private with many aspects of my life, I vent too often and I open up too often about things that I should perhaps keep private at times.

I'm a very open, honest and expressive person but sadly that has been my downfall in many situations and has invited a lot of trouble to me from others (including people on here at times as well) that I wouldn't have had otherwise had I kept a particular issue to myself.

I've found that sometimes being open hasn't been helpful to me with certain issues, in fact I've gone away feeling worse rather than better, so I guess I have to be more selective as to what I open up about, where I open up, when I open up and who I open up to.

A rather thought provoking comment this friend made went along the lines of opening up can scare people off or they could  use you and even take you for granted.
I know it can and it does but as I said to her it also depends on timing and what you open up about and who you open up to.

I think I might have just worked out one of the main reasons I keep losing friends...

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Oh its strange,
Death calls on me.

She wakes me up with a plain stare
I can't believe it,
Started out on a plane
Woke up falling out of the air
They threw me out of the way
Would this nightmare cease to be?
The solid death-grip that holds tight
The strangest message that was never told right
The state of mind isn't parallel
The lines are unequal

Can you, will you speak to me, again?

The sun vanished out of your eyes
It spanned across a vast yet empty horizon
& these unknown trees & separated bones.
A controversy of these empty rows
The rules, the messages.
Don't forget your mind before nine.

Will you understand the book that I write?

It won't add up in your mind
It is impossible to subtract down the time
I've always sucked at math
I guess I'm no essay writer either
Oh well, fuck it, fuck it, fuck everything, man.
& fuck everyone!

I've just about fucked over and fucked everyone
Thirty-five plus all the others
That time has stolen from my mind
So much darkness surrounds my life.

I'll take that final step tonight
Embrace this darkness inside...

Monday, 14 November 2016

My Deceit complete.

I dismantle you little by little,
pick you apart piece by piece
as I edge you ever closer to the precipice.
Your curiosity is titillated
by the tantalizing nothings
I whisper to draw you near,
promises I never intend to keep.
I tease as we creep, and you have no clue
as to the depths of my nefarious intent
until the moment I lay my hands
on your chest and push.
Your hands catch, grasp tightly.
So I lean forward and gift you
with one last kiss
before I stare into your eyes
as I peel them from the surface.
Laughter pours forth
as I witness your fall
from high above.
I turn and walk away,
my deceit complete.

Aww Don't weep.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Please stop.

You want to know what i am like?
Take a knife and cut me up
Ill make you hate me and you wont stop
Make me feel the pain within
As your slitting through my Skin
Makes me weaker as i bleed
For your mercy make me plead
Hear me screaming in the dark
As you leave your painful Mark
Blood is running down my face
As my body you erase
Trying to cut through every Vein
On your top your leaving Stains
I wish you knew i didn't care
If you hurt me everywhere
You can slit my skin apart
But you cant cut
Through my broken heart
And you can't make my love kickstart.
Please stop 


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cuts Like a knife.

Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
I never thought we would be apart

When you held me you said "forever"
Now that you're gone I know you meant "never"

Saying you love me with that look in your eye
And that was a cold hearted lie

Your tender touch, a soft kiss
Two things about you I will always miss

As I sit here thinking about you
My face is wet with tears past due

I should've cried a long time ago
But I loved you so

I know they say love is blind
But I had only you on my mind

A hurt so deep it cuts like a knife
But wounds heal and I'll go on with my life.

Thursday, 29 September 2016


My smile hides my tears.
My laugh hides my screams.
It's been this way for years.
Things aren't as they seem.

I always seem so happy.
With not a care in the world.
But you should know sadly,
Many things go untold.

Nobody really knows me.
They only know my cover.
But I wish I could let it free.
Let them know what's under.

But instead I practice
My smiles in the mirror.
Then the next thing I do is
Make my fake laugh clearer.

What is wrong? You need help?
Is all they will ask.
So I have decided
To live behind a mask.

Can you solve me? I ask.