Monday, 9 January 2017


Today I was discussing this topic with a friend and I'm finally starting to understand the true concept of privacy and I've come to the conclusion that I need to be more private with many aspects of my life, I vent too often and I open up too often about things that I should perhaps keep private at times.

I'm a very open, honest and expressive person but sadly that has been my downfall in many situations and has invited a lot of trouble to me from others (including people on here at times as well) that I wouldn't have had otherwise had I kept a particular issue to myself.

I've found that sometimes being open hasn't been helpful to me with certain issues, in fact I've gone away feeling worse rather than better, so I guess I have to be more selective as to what I open up about, where I open up, when I open up and who I open up to.

A rather thought provoking comment this friend made went along the lines of opening up can scare people off or they could  use you and even take you for granted.
I know it can and it does but as I said to her it also depends on timing and what you open up about and who you open up to.

I think I might have just worked out one of the main reasons I keep losing friends...

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