Friday, 22 April 2016

‘I Give People Hope So I Can Rip it Away From Them’                              

Brandishing that which will never be seen,
I hunt souls that are lost in the dream.
I carry the tools to entice your misgivings
And bury what you thought were loving feelings. 
I am the stealer of thoughts, and a very bad man
I am the drummer of life from a very bad band.
I will take all you have, that you thought was good,
And make you feel terribly misunderstood. 
I love it and smile when I do you all bad,
I love it and laugh when your smiles turn to sad.
I flourish in wonder and my days turn so bright
When I take all your hope and turn of your lights. 
I am a bad one; I am as bad as they come
I will have all your smiles by the time I am done.
Beware of my presence, take heed in my voice.
For you will fall with the rest of them, you will have no choice. 
‘I give people hope so I can rip it away from them’
Ink-fected ill Embrace the evil within.  

BadboysDoItBetter ✒

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