Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Reality Check.

Gradually you will realise everyone in your life is temporary.
With time priorities change people will forget you sooner or later maybe you would have taken a stand for them when no one had ,or maybe supported them through their darkest days, been there for them when no one was, Pick up their calls even at 3am in the morning to make them feel comfortable or maybe helped them in anyways possible ,
You might have protected them from people who talk I'll about them and had their back 24\7.
You acted like a backbone to them.
But only a few will remember the good you did for them ,gradually they will make new friends and you will be flown away like the dust slowly drifts when the wind flows. This might break your heart , you will feel used , forgotten and you won't know how to react to all this. 
A time might even come when you will acquaint a friend of you with another and later you might notice them becoming better friends and you will be the third wheel or maybe they won't even involve you with their plans anymore. Nothing hurts more when all these things happen. This is life.
Experiences makes an individual capable of surviving in this society. Explore life experience new things, become a better individual , Get infected. Grow.
      -vaibhav nagesh.

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