Saturday, 20 February 2016

Where are you ?

Where are you my love?
Hiding behind the Moon
Or perhaps you are
Hiding in the very bottom
Of the deep Sea?
It seems I can only find you in parts
But never as a whole!
Are you afraid of our destiny?
As a happy couple together? 
I am finally convinced
That you are the woman
Of my precious dream!
How do I know?
Accidentally, I heard
Your dear friends whispering
That you said loud and clear
I was your dreamed man!
But where the heck are you?
It seems I cannot find you
As a whole anywhere in the World! 
I am very sure that you are the one:
I can sense your bewitching aroma
In the dew caressing
The flowers of my garden
Every single morning when I wake up,
While in the clear nights,
I can see the beauty
Of your dark and sparkling eyes,
In the shining stars!
I have discovered the secret
Of your unique smiles
On the radiant face of the Moon… 
I have found someone
That incredibly resembles you
And believe me, my love,
She almost fooled me!
But she lacks the essence of you! 
I can clearly hear your sweet voice
Traveling along with the wind!
As you can see, my dear love!
I find you in parts
But where are you as a whole? 
Please, tell me of your whereabouts
And like a shooting star,
I will come to your rescue and together,
Make this dream come true!
Once and for all!
Where are you?
I cannot wait any longer!
Time is passing by rapidly
Just like the wind!
We are missing the boat! 

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