Tuesday, 5 April 2016

He whispered, 'I love you'.

It was cold that December,
Unforgettable was every moment spent together,
It wasn't that she was unworthy,
His bitterness just didn't leave any room for mercy.
She knows, it’s not her fault,
His heart had been sealed behind a vault,
He had been hurt and burned,
His love, had to be earned.
If only she knew how to make him love again,
She would gladly suffer any pain,
Without him, she couldn't even think of a life,
Thrusting deep, he simply twisted the knife.
She had always hoped she would win from the start,
Impossible now with his crimson hand placed against her bleeding heart,
Yet as she lost with every breath,
She was more worried for his pain than her dance with death.
She wished she could kiss him just once,
A fitting end it would have been to her existence,
With the last breath she drew,
He whispered, "I love you".

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