Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Once when.

Had been feeling low lately.
So something... 

Once when I was little
I was happy and carefree.
I used to run around laughing
Until it was time for tea.

I used to play games
And smile all the time.
I used to feel on top of the world
I used to feel fine.

It's amazing how things change
When people let you down.
And how that once happy face
Turns into a solemn frown.

You search and search
For someone who cares,
Anyone who understands,
Anyone who dares.

Loneliness, it hurts.
It kills you deep inside.
It makes you feel empty.
It stops you in your stride.

You can't sleep at night,
Hugging your pillow tight,
Wishing for someone
To hold you through the night.

Once when I was little
I was happy and carefree.
Now my life's full of sadness,
Pain and misery.
I don't let it out, even though all i want to do is shout.

Once when I was little
I was never on my own.
But now I pray at night
"I wish I wasn't alone."

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