Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Letting Go.

A point where you are stuck with walls all around you of your failures -your memories -your regrets -your sins your fears -and your unexpressed emotions it gets larger and larger its everywhere  you can't hear a sound its just you unfound.

Been in this situation before ?

Just the noises from the winter you can't hear a sound
Your memoires haunt you the limitations begin to fade away.
The Loneliness is killing you inside.
But for the world you are just a pretty face with that fake smile you mastered to put on anytime you want.
Being there for everyone whenever they want, but no one stands for you.
When you realise you thought everyone was your friend but tha fact is you just know people and no one even cares.

Thoughts become distant feelings going with the flow
Just begin by letting go. Gradually the walls will disappear and you will realise its color everywhere, you will feel lighter, Just Hold on. Life is full of experiences have them it makes you who you are.



Recovery music.- "Etherwood- Begin by letting go."

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