Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Love is confusing.

Back then when you use to hold hands, stick together through your ups and downs , be there for each other knowing what the other person thinks before they even say it, knowing what they want and how to make them happy and see the best in everything and not being so insecure and awkward where you have to pretend to know each other when you have no clue what that person is anymore, fake formality smiles and messages, You don't even know how to start a conversation unlike those late night talks where each of you use to share everything with each other without hesitation. All those over thinking sleepless nights. You mind blows like a volcano every night and you can't do anything about it rather than suppressing all that loneliness inside you, you don't share anything with anyone you isolate yourself you shutdown, maybe overreact to everything or not react at all. Life has its different stages and each stages have some challenges that makes you who you are.  Gradually things will fall in place they are destined too. "

- vaibhav nagesh.

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