Friday, 17 July 2015

Your Darkness builds Your confidence.

Have you ever tried exploring your own self , have you ever imagined what all you can do with your life ? Have you ?
what holds you back what's the reason you can't find a way ,a path to follow have you ever imagined that ? I bet you haven't and you won't because the only thing you are afraid of is others , but nothing is more dangerous than you and the mind inside you, if you wish you could destroy lives its all inside your mind , everyone has a bright and a negative side people often only showcase their bright side to the world and hide their darkness. There is no light without darkness I myself have sinned and done a whole lot of things I am not proud of ,there is a monster inside me , each human has a monster inside them some are good at covering it up, give them a mask and they will show their real faces. To build up confidence in yourself you need to accept your darkness and let it absorb you. You surely have a light inside you but there can't be light withouth darkness. Accept  yourself be afraid of yourself not anyone else that's what will make you confident fear the monster inside you and let other be scared of it to don't hide your darkness show it embraces it, all humans are monsters make sure yours is strong enough to survive and once you get this part of your life fixed and figured out nothing can break your confidence. Be scared of yourself and others will be scared of you eventually rather than you being scared of them. You need to get infected. Start now.

- vaibhav nagesh .

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