Wednesday, 4 November 2015


She loves me again
All this time I kept to dream in my mind
There were things I had to learn, had to try
And I find her just the same even tho its been a long while 

She loves me again
I have reasons then to come and to go
There were things I couldn't say
But believe in me Ill stay

Can't you see it's all a game
I still love her just the same
She's as lovely as before
Now I want her even more i am so sure.

She loves me again
One year past, it hasn't changed anything
Time was lost but now we know so much more
Seasons change but love remains the same 

She loves me again
On my own I kept to dream 
All alone I have to learn and let the flame burn 
She loves me once again will it remain ? Or am i going to die all over again! 

-vaibhav nagesh

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