Monday, 11 April 2016

Are you listening? I might be evil within.

This pedestal of my dreams split right down at the seams of my jeans,
seems to be the means to which I've found these things
which guide me through the light we hide from
never knowing how wide we should strive to become
but that doesn't matter whether weather is sun shining
or rain drip dropped and never ever with a silver lining
and I shiver to see the silver,  sliver for it seems to be the means
the dreams to which the end justifies the means of these things
if means be a necessary evil I see it all, plunging into me
open my eyes shut wide with a cut from the lies sputtered out
as we stutter out, we can't push the shutter, no closing your eyes
open up, don't miss a thing, can you see this? are you listening?
if it's deemed beneficiary then God fuck I hear them, hear them
all the voices, and choices, and noises that make me crazy
all the fucked  up, rough enough to bash my ears in
and trashing my dreams with the fears that are clashing within
I haven't slept for days there's been a constant ding ding,
and God fuck it all should I fall, I'll crawl back up, my tongue won't stall
I can taste the face of evil in the lace of my tongue, the lies spit forth
like a chain gun making the pain run as the cries rang round and let it rain down
if you can taste evil in my kiss, know this, ignorance sure ain't bliss, I gave a gift
Now you're better prepared for this nation of alienation and anti-socialization
with the things I have shared, while I lied like I cared about your state of nation or my friends partying at a barbecue nation,
I don't give a fuck what you think of it, go on, throw a fit, it ain't gonna change a thing
you need to see the world for what it is, how about now, are you listening?
Open your eyes, see the lies
Open your ears, hear the tears
Open your mouth, speak out.
Why are you so freaked out?

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