Tuesday, 12 April 2016


She thrives on my soul,
She strides down my spine,
She sees through my eyes, blinding my vision.
I sit back and watch as she eats up my time.
She twists and I writhe in pain.
I scream, I shout while she whispers in my mind.
The whisper is all that is heard.
She muffles my voice and sits on my throat,
Puts her blade sharp tongue into my ear.
The bloodshot eyes, the paleness, the daze,
The scars shriek out for help- an unheeded call.
My insides mutilated, I trespassed,
Slip into the oblivion that is agony.
While she eats my mind, pecks at my thoughts,
Licking my wounds and then striking again.
The moments of submission, moments of resolve
They are but one and the same.
One second- Just a second of respite am I granted.
These moments of quietude are the cruellest of all,
As I steadily  wait- wait for her to hit me again.
And she does hit, with all the force.
And some force that is. I fly back in time
To the chaste times of solitude,
When I was still untouched by her cane.
She drags me back to herself,
Reminds me of her hold on me.
She thrashes, shouts out threats that chill my veins,
Lashes the thorned whip across my soul, fogs my senses,
Flogs my back, and beats my hope- hammers it to death.
I lean against her heaving existence,
I stoop to hee undeniable demands.
Overpowered by her, I let her do the bidding,
Words of comfort she utters.
The next slash shall end it all,
She shall not tug, just a pull
That shall suck the warmth out of me,
I shall be like her, walking in delight,
While I inflict pain- devouring, dancing.
Her wretchedness, the crushing monstrosity i now envy.
Still, a thought flows by of the days that I loved and was loved
A memory, of a day well spent,
A fragmented vision of happiness, a forlorn moment of innocence,
An persuasive face and a sudden rush of protest.
I was jolted back to life; I pushed her back with renewed strength,
She clutched at my heart, clawed at me in anger.
And stabbed it until I bled,
I threw back my head and laughed, while she worked,
She wanted my soul, she wanted it DEAD.
But I am still here telling you all that she did..
Or is this not reality? Are you listening? hey! Am I Dead ?

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