Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I know it, I’m a new kind of eVil.
Some sorta 21st century deVil.
ManipulatiVe and romantic.
Falling for me, is irresistible.
You can’t help it, darling, trust me you can't be free.
Try to hurt me, I’ll be pleased..
loVe lingers like a poison in your Veins,

I’m every fear in you ever imagined,
Coming out to play.
I’m not scared of anything,
I’ll win the game ink-fecting
You’ll find yourself glued to me,
neVer eVer wanting to be free..
Despite the rage-filled horror I lay upon your Fragile little heart. 
You won't fall apart,
I am your so called loVe dart.

Don't drag me out if I go down, 
save yourself and let me drown
Or we could sink together now?
cause I am only eVil,
with a heart that wants to be free, an
It's making you fall for me,
As my blood turns into mercury.
You can call me V,
we fuck at the count of 3.

Stop finding the needle in the hay.
Oh come on ! now
.. Don't run away. I know you'll be back by the next day.
Maybe all this doesn't make a sense to you today,
but who giVes a fuck about you anyway.

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