Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Breaking Bad.

I am wrong, so very wrong
I don't deserve someone like you
you are too good for me
i am a rogue,
I am breaking bad..
Am i your typical badboy?
I've seen and done so many things
you might find unpleasant..
I miss giving you little presents..
never have i been so conflicted by my feelings
i truly love you but i am all wrong, so very wrong
i'm a good person, a gentle man
i have a huge, foolish heart
maybe too foolish...maybe careless
and quite possibly self-destructive
you are the last soul on earth i wish to hurt
if you let me in i would be so good to you
but if you hurt me i would only hurt myself
hurting you...
what's a bad, bad boy to do?
I am just breaking bad all my crystal heart for you.. Maybe my feelings too..
I dont know what to do? 
as always i dont know why i need you while all i try to do is loose you...

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