Thursday, 30 June 2016


I almost always write when I'm sad
and that's probably because
when I'm not sad
I am not me, for I am just a sad human being.
When I am not me, I am not a poet.
I am a lover and a fighter,
and most of all,
I am a cold-blooded liar..
I take your "I loves you"s
and turn them to
"I'm leaving you"s because i am not me..

So something, when sadness strikes.

His mind was a storm
his thoughts were a hurricane
his eyes were sad and red,
his smile was fading
his heard was breaking
but he lived
He was lost
in his own mind
his own world
He drank herself
into oblivion
he smoked
surrounded himself
with people
and still he
felt empty
with no cure...
....everything starts to feel so unreal, I've lost track of who i am, I've lost control and the person i have become feels like a lie, positivity feels so far away, happiness feels so unattainable and i know I'm slowly leading myself to my own demise, I'm slowly dieing  inside and everything is just all depending on time, how long will it take until i crack, I don't sleep for days my mind is so fucked up. BHENCHOD. This is killing me...

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