Thursday, 12 May 2016


Caged up with this life,
Locked up in my misery
Locked up in my guilt.
Locked up in my denial.
No it wasnt me.

Im locked in my own misery.
With no one to hear my cries.
My cries of desperation
My cries of discomfort.

I guess I'll never be free
Wrapped up in my own grief.
Blaming anything,
Blaming myself.
Angry with everyone
Angry at the world.

Am I a bitter person?
yes properly I am.
I feel caged in every days life.
Every new day
The same as the one thats past.

One messed up mind
Is mine my mind drained ?
My mind is all but lost.
For now Im a dark person.

Locked in my own world
Locked in my grief.
With barriers a 1000 feet high.
caged within my uncomfortable rage. 
I might just Disengage.

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