Friday, 13 May 2016


Don't regret the visits you didn't make Or those times you didn't call.
Don't dwell on things you deem mistakes Please... don't feel any guilt at all.
I know your mind is racing With thoughts of what could've been.
You didn't know how things would be ending You couldn't have known all of this then.
That hug you wish would've lasted longer - That hug meant the world to me.
Those times you wish you had been stronger Showed you were anything but weak.
The times that I remembered Leading right up 'til the end
Were the times of love and laughter
With my loved ones and friends.
I thought about the good times And also some of the sad.
Thought of things I wished I could've changed But not of things I wish you had.
I remembered all the smiles And every visit you ever made.
Each moment became so worthwhile
There's not a single one I'd trade.
I know sometimes you'll find yourself crying.
Sometimes happiness will seem to be gone.
Some days will seem dark and times trying And you'll feel like you just can't go on.
Days like those are ones to remember You're lucky to have them, you know.
Dark days make the bright ones shine brighter And teach you to live in the now.
So please, don't regret a moment. Memories are all we have now.
Please try to live in the present Do as much as your time will allow.
I kept my vow.
Just let me disconnect myself now.

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