Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Try too feel me as i write,
my feelings might ink-fect your way of life..
No one stays there for you
Every one leaves every one goes
Even your friends turn into foes..
Remains that is what
your loneliness and just you
Silence of the lonely night
crying of the dogs outside
I know its the difficult time
There always comes a point in life
when everything seems dismantled and dull.
Life become meaningles and lonesome
Darknes surounds and envelopes you
Its gloom and misery all around
Flowing of tears and wet eyes
You dont want to cry
You dont want to believe
there is no one who will listen to you
Your feelings will left unsaid
No shoulder you can lean on
No one to wipe your tears
No one to hug you
It hurts it hurts i know it hurts
You try to sleep but you cant
You look back over the days the people
who promised to stay by you forever
They left you they left you
no one cares for you believe me no one do
There is always an untold story in every heart
you want to share it with someone
but no one there for you
You wish there was someone
To wipe yout tears To hug you
Tell you that you are not alone
Whats worth more than all the riches
Is that person that special person
If you ever found a person like that
hold on tight hold on tight! !
Keep reading my emotional quests as i write...

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