Sunday, 15 May 2016


Trapped in my obsession.
Trapped as objects in my possession.
As you too were the objects of my rage.
I was naive hoping you guys would become wise with age.
I was burned melting like fire to a candle wax.
You all stabbed me hard in the heart and in the back.
My world turned cold and black.
Then I become lost in my own tracks. 
I was consumed by darkness, by pain, by grief.
I no longer trust anyone nor my own beliefs.
I don't need anyone anymore.
I've been hurt too much to want to open another door.
I rather hole up in my bed.
You all made me permanently dead.
What did I ever do to you?
I was the only one who was true to you.
All the emotions and pain rose to the surface.
I didn't hurt you nor did I do anything to you on purpose.
This painful betrays digs deeper than ever before.
I don't need anyone anymore. 
I keep wanting to cry.
I keep wanting to give another chance and give the friendship another try.
But I don't need more pain in my life.
It causes too much drama and dispute,
This painful betrayal digs deeper than ever before.
I don't need anyone anymore.
It's time i shut my doors,
before people exploit me a bit more.

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